It’s time to say good bye to New Zealand. Called “Aotearoa” – long white cloud by Maori, born of heat and molten rock. A land full of stories, myths and legends of the southpacific home of Maori up to adventures and the struggle for survival of those proud people. I heard a lot ’bout warriors, changes which happened over generations and which affected the Maori tradition forever. Stories about seafarings over the enormous pacific, the entering of the westerly lifestyle and the compromises of Maori to survive.

Not to mention Cook, Scott, etc…. :) :)

I toured the spectacular volcanic islands, interacted with seals, penguins and wild stingrays, climbed and walked up glaciers and swam in the Blackwaters of Waitomo Caves. Met f**g awesome, great and generous people, who I will ever ever keep in my heart (and definitely meet up again) …. and will miss New Zealand coffee for sure.

We drank our morning coffee always at different places. In cities, little charming towns, at beaches and sometimes with a breathtaking view included.  We were enveloped by verdant green mountains, turquoise lakes and seas, clear blue skys and crisp clean air.

I’ll miss the starry sky, which was offered to us through the windscreen, these sounds of the sea and the baas of the sheeps as lullabys and as good morning salutes as well.

Of course, travelling with the car and also live in it, offers you not that kind of comfort, you are used to as a city slicker and may not be everyones idea of a grand holiday. BUT for all those looking for something different, for those with a little bit of fire in their bellies, should definitely explore this country by car. It could just take you through those smaller windows that open up to the rest of the world.

Cheers, thanks and kia ora to all of you guys!

And now?

Move on to new pastures! :)


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