Brisbane and my reflection on travelling the world

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Coming here felt completly wrong at the beginning. Out of nature into a big city … skyscrapers and city lights everywhere, hmmm. And all of a sudden I felt really tired and exhausted again. That’s it what travelling brings along, a change of environment can be really hard sometimes. New people to get along with, different energy around you and it also rained like hell the first 2 days.

But that’s the most important and best lesson in life you learn through travelling the world. You get really good in adapting to new situations and be flexible. You watch and immitate, try to find your way in this new world and get what you want, trust your guts and ask yourself… first the city map then maybe a coffee. You have some routines you repeat cause you bring something with you, something simple. All the time you are confronted with the unkown, you relax and trust everything will be fine or you put the effort to make it fine. Especially if you don’t know your place of residence yet.

Steffi and me met Meg, an old friend of Steffi and our new host for the next days. She just resently opened her own dance studio, very exciting. The first days I didn’t really do much and was thinking a lot about what I can do to get the money back… yes just found out that someone robbed me in Nepal and used my Creditcard a view times, bummer. Just now I was able to check my bills and had to write mails, make phone calls and talk to my brother to help me with that. Not much fun in that, I can tell you.

So to give Steffi more space with Meg I moved over to Brisbane Westend and did couchsurfing at Deltons place for the weekend. Best idea ever. First, I could really use some quiet time and Delton was really nice to me. Second, I was told go to Westend by Tom (Shanti’s friend) it’s the best part of Brisbane and I really liked it. Nice cafes and typical most beautiful Queensland houses, some originally from the 30ies, like the house of Delton.
On friday we went to a photo vernissage of one of Deltons friends Robert Shakespeare ( That was really amazing, the work of a live time of 14 years to picture Antoni Gaudi’s work in Barcelona.
On Saturday I met some more of his friends and his girlfriend Lee for dinner.
On Sunday we went to the market and I again visited the museum. Beautiful artwork of Europe’s most famous like Picasso or Renoir and Australian artists like Bernard Hall (symbolism) or James Gleeson (surrealism). Also the current asien pacific award exhibitions had some amazing stuff to show of present artists. Not to forget a photo show of Australian islanders and aboriginals during the shift in 1967, they where finally acknowledged as Australian citizens with the right to vote.

By the way the other day Meg, Steffi and me also watched the „rabbit proof fence“ a movie about the stolen generation of aboriginal kids which they did steal from their families until the 70ies.

On Monday I decided to leave Brisbane. I also feel like more staying in one place than going and my financial situation is tense right now too and the robbery really gets into me. Anyway I’m traveling on my own again, finding my way through the country. Thank you Delton for all you did, cooking and giving me the opportunity to relax I really appriciate that. And meeting your daughter was fun, she is a lovely little monkey :) .

On my way to Rockhampton right now, don’t know what’s to find there, but it saves me one night of accomodation to be on the bus.

My best for you Steffi, I really hope you find what you need right now :) ,


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