Blues and Crocodile steaks in Airlie Beach

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I got into Airlie Beach really early in the morning… hahaha. My new CS host Chris was still asleep so I waited some time at a coffee place and saw the town waking up slowly. Ahhhh what a beautiful view in front of me… the sea, islands and coconut trees. Finally I met Chris, his son David and the girlfriend of David.
Later on I walked around Airlie and the harbour, where all the ships depart to the islands and the Barrier Reef. Hmm, won’t have enough money to see it, but will do my best to enjoy my stay in Airlie. Yeah… and that’s what I did, had the most amazing crocodile and kangaroo steak at Chris bar, some fantastic blues and country songs to dance to and met some really funny Aussies to party with. Man, these Aussies are crazy as even tough they are older than 40.

The next day Chris took me around the area for a bushwalk, waterfall and to cut down a piece of sugar cane and chew on it. It was raining a lot in those 2 days, mostly without a warning one minute it’s blue sky and the next 5 seconds you have to find shelter cause the rain will soak you through.

The rest of the evening I spent at Chris bar before hopping on the bus again to Cairns.

In the bar I found an old issue of a skate magazine and in it an article about an interesting project. A guy was collecting pictures and stories about people and how they got introduced to Nirvana. Do you remember, who introduced you to Nirvana?

Well I do remember one thing, he might not have been the person who introduced me to the music cause everybody back then listened to Nirvana. But he was definitively the one who put my focus on it, Marcus Chaur. He held a silent minute in our class room with us after Kurt Coban’s death to honour him. Thanks for the memory, grunge in heaven the both of you.


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