Entspannen in Cairns und Kuranda

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Not much happened in Cairns, except I really enjoyed the relaxing not much going on time there. My CS friend Guang was really nice and relaxed too. He is a young chinese/kiwi/aussie general doctor and was really great talking to.

I did some bushwalking … wow the Cairns bush is amazingly beautiful and almost untouched.

I visited Kuranda, a hippy village up in the bush with a big and beautiful waterfall, some aboriginal artwork and lot’s of tourists, besides that a magic place too.

And … yes, I watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D, that was crazy fantastic and I loved the costumes, you will love it Julia :) . And finally the caterpillar became a butterfly, took her some months to get here!!!

Leaving Cairns again I walked to the bus station at night pretty long, so on my way a car stopped and I did my first hitch hiking, bit nervous but everything was good. Thanks man that was nice, my backpack is really getting heavy, phuuu.

On the road again, Tita

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