Fire Fighters, Royal Australien Air Force and about Cyclones in Townsville

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Sometimes you don’t know what you get with couchsurfing and that can be something really interesting and out of your usual life patterns. Early, I mean really early in the morning I came to Townsville. There was not much reason to come here, it’s a stop over you do when going towards Alice Springs or you go to Magnetic Island.

John, my new cs friend was still at work, so at 5:30 in the morning I waited some time and a little bit longer at a coffee place in town. Finally John came to pick me up, his job fire fighter at the airport in Townsville. He grew up on a farm in Queensland, his relatives are originally scottish later he joined the air force for some years before he became a fire fighter. Devorced, girlfriend and 3 children.

He was really interested in hearing about austria, vienna and it’s people, so I told him as much as I knew to answer his questions.

He took me to a look out over town to see the whole coastal line, a short rainforest walk and to Townsvilles best ice cream store and man they had varities in exotic fruits I never heard about before.

We went to the night markets and John took me to the fire station and royal australien air force station (security Bravo) at the airport. Townsville secures the australien air space all over the north eastern part of the country. There is also a big army station in town, where they have their own golf course.
At the fire station I got to see the control tower, took a ride on the fire truck and some mud amphybia vehicle, cause in the rain season it gets really wet sometimes. That was fun :) .

Of course they had some old air force planes and black hawks on the station.

We finished my visit in in Townsville with some homemade pizza, austrian beer and the news report with a cyclone (rateing 3) coming our way. They secured the whole coast line and closed the beach, cause it will hit the coast early the next morning. Well I hope I will be already on the coach by then going inland to Alice Springs. Thanks John for everything, really had a good time.


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