Die ganze Welt ist so Darwin

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The big oz experience ended in Darwin with a really good time there. The first view days I stayed at my CS friend Noodles house. He is a really tall oz guy who looks a little bit like Abraham Lincoln, he is a greeny like his house mates and his girlfriend Kat is lovely as. Well, what did I see there… hm… the tree of knowledge, the chineese tempel, the museum with an exhibition about the worst Cyclone in Darwin in 1974, wow… almost the whole city was destroyed back then. Noodle took me and Julia (also a couchsurfer from oz) to the creek having a swim to cool of a bit, cause Darwin has a very damp and hot climate and a lot of crocs in the creeks around. I didn’t see any crocs tough, but tasted the sweet and refreshing taste of green ants. So you just pick one of them of a tree and bite their green part of, it tastes like lemonade and the aborigines used them to make tea.

After that I moved to Gregs place, another cs. He is one of the best cooks I ever met on cs and I shared some really awesome days with him, his friends and some other cs friends. As it was the easter weekend we did what all aussies in Darwin do on easter, getting on a boat go out on the sea and having some beers. John, one of Gregs friends invited us on his boat called W.T.F. (yeah… right) for a swim and a wild ride on the donat in the water.

The next day we all went to the morning markets and to cool of we spent some time at the mall. The day after we drove to a creek having a real oz style BBQ, some satey pork and a swim in lake Alexander.

On easter monday we did another boat trip to catch some crabs in a big creek and do some fishing, yes finally I went fishing and believe it or not I catched my first fish right away, how awesome is that. As it was to small, we released it back to the sea of course. We really did catch some big crabs for dinner, but unfortunally I couldn’t taste them, that was my last day in oz and I really enjoyed it. Then we had a hell of a wild ride on the boat, yeeehaa! All of a sudden a green frog jumped in front of me on the boat in the middle of the ocean, what the hell, now it is raining frogs at the sea?

The airplane took us to Bali this night. Thanks to all and everybody I met in oz during those 2 and a half months. Especially all couchsurfers and hosts, my trip wouldn’t have been possible without you and all great people I met. Hope to be back soon one day.

Cheers mates, tita

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