Bali – back to asia, jippy!

Ubut, Bali

When Steffi and me came to Bali this night, I almost forgot how much I missed asia, the crazyness on the streets, heaps of motorbikes and tempels everywhere. The first view days we spent in Ubut, in the middle of Bali in a really beautiful place with a view over a rice field. We walked around in the village and markets, getting scamed at the market, haha … well I should have known better by now.

The next day we did a bicycle tour in the area. Wonderful views, rice fields, balinese coffee and tea tasting and the best original food in Bali. Phuu, the cycling was awesome downhill but uphill I thought my head will explode any minute. We learned about living in compounds in the villages and the balinese hindu cast system. After that we all went to the monkey forest and saw the old temple covered with moss, soooo beautiful. As it was a festival time again, we joined everybody at the temple to watch a balinese dance.

Next day Steffi, one guy we met on the cycling tour and me hired a car to see all the temples around. Villagers, children and the dogs were excited and we watched the people doing all the hand craft around Ubut, awesome stuff, wood carvers, painters, stone carvers etc.

As I decided to go to Kuta and see the surf crazyness in Bali, Steffi wanted to see Padang Bai and go snorkling, we split up again and I had my first ride on a bemo (public mini bus). Kuta I’m coming.


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