Kuta, Bali

Welcome to the crazyness in Bali! Do you wanna know what’s so great about Bali? Well… turn around and I show you! I’m here couchsurfing with the most ambitious people in Kuta ever, Balinese and Americans (well they say also the russians but didn’t met any so far) rule the place here, drunk or not the best place to party and surf ever.

When I came here I thought, what a crazy touristy place and that’s what it is, but meeting Ryan, Dena and Jewel made me think otherwhise. They are partying all day that’s for sure and other stuff they will show you if you ever come here ;) , but I really got what I came for, island feeling, nice people and the asian welcoming athmosphere totally got me, thanks guys you made my trip awesomer again. Takeing live as it is offered to you is the ultimate gift and joy in live. And all the thunders and the rain in between makes it even more joyful and wahhooo to me! I sit here hearing the thunder now in their house, which is open and has almost no walls and enjoy it as much as anyone can imagine who knows me, cause usually I’m afraid of thunders and loud noises artificial or not. What a time in my life!!!! This is it. And I’m planing on continuing it as long as I can cause what else is live and being alive made for? And I know I deserve it as anyone else here.

… will be continued (when or if I’m sober again)…

Derrymakasi (which means… thank you, sorry that’s the only thing I learned so far in balinese), tita

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