Das Ende einer 7-monatigen Reise

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The last view days in Kuta were just awesome as at the liberty house with the guys, filled with poker games (pssst), naughty indonesian music, beer and the beach just around the corner. My last day I spent at Christians place, swimming in the pool at midnight, some great conversations and a good laugh. Thanks man, had a great time. He is a journalist, and makes his own music. We managed to drive on a scooter together with my big backpack in the crazy traffic in Kuta and had an air mattress battle in the pool.

The last view hours I spent at the beach watching the waves and trying to process a 7 months life in total freedom, if such a thing is even possible. Was I happy to go back home? To be honest, I was not ready to go back at all and will just be back to Vienna for a visit and because I’m total broke.

At 10:30 pm Steffi and me took the flight to Singapur, Doha and then Vienna. All in all more than 20 hours in the air, eating, watching a movie and the strangeness at Doha airport.

As we arrived in Vienna it felt total strange being here after all that time, we sat down for a moment read our travel mantra and said some words about our last months on the road.
I don’t know what’s coming, where I’m going or what will happen next, but that’s nothing new anymore and doesn’t worry me a bit. I will find my way any time, but at first I will sleep and eat heaps of dark bread :) .

This world is so fantastic with all it’s wonders, good and bad days. I don’t regret one day that I did all that and to be completly honest, I’m not finished with my travels, but need a rest for now. The travel bug will bite me again soon.


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