Last Stop – Santiago de Chile. How a journey comes to an end.

After almost 5 months finally my travels took me to Santiago de Chile. One week I spent with my couchsurfing friend Nelson, his mum and some cs friends from Finnland. Going out with the boys was a nice change to all the wilderness and nature out there. But sometimes I don’t know what’s more wild, nature or people in a city. The heavy metal bar was definatly wild ;) .
I was a bit afraid at first wooohhh big city, bad people, but like always nothing bad happend even though Nelsons place is not in the nicest/safest area.

So between meeting with the guy and girls from Finnland, I was on a last sightseeing trip in Santiago. The museum of human rights was one of the highlights. The whole history about the pinochet-era was shown in pictures, documentaries and letters. The darkest time in chile’s history presented just in front of me, I sat down next to an older man, he had tears in his eyes watching the children talking about the abduction of their parents. Every name, person was listed in a register who went missing back then.

Later on I watched a movie in the independent film art museum. The documentary showed chile’s rebel program in the 70ties. Whole families left the country to go to europe, cuba, australia to live in communities, their dads came back to fight in chiles underground against Pinochet.
Even today there are different reactions to Pinochet in chile. Some admired him and some hated him to the ground. He never took responsibility about what he did to his country and the people. He died before the trial.

But there are also great places in Santiago. I saw, for example the weekend flea market with amazing stuff and huge it is, you never can see all in one day. If you are a metal fan, you will find all kinds of bands and fanshirts there.

The funniest thing was the only fashion museum in south america, way out side of the center in Santiago. It is a private collection, so the house of the private collector is on the rims of santiago, long way walking but it was worth it. I never saw so many 80ies fashion items in one place, designer clothes, fashion magazine covers and a special exhibition about “Back to the future”.

So my 5 months trip came to an end. To be honest, I am happy to go back home now, I’m tired, but also sad that my trip is over.
I don’t know what’s waiting for me at home, how it will be to be back home in one place again, not moving all the time, not getting up and not knowing where I will end up in the evening. Leaving the path of freedom, watching amazing places, meeting interesting people, the exchange of culture and language.
This adventurous live filled my soul with live and joy, on the other hand it is not easy to travel all the way on your own, somtimes I was lonely, missed my friends and family. I walked through the world like through an art gallery, small pieces of another world.

People often ask me, what was the best place you have been to. This is one of the most difficult questions to answer for me. I usually say where I am right now. Places, people come and go. Some stay longer in your mind and heart, some not. So why doing this trips if nothing stays behind except stories, pictures and some few new friends? Oh, yes a lot stays behind, some things you realize even months later. Inner fights you overcame, you feel stronger, richer and will always remember how beautyful the world can be. It is not the same to watch a documentary and stay at home save and sound, if you can feel a place with all your sences, make your own footprint, be the first to discover this. Make up your own mind, talk to people instead of listening to what the media says about a country. Not all is good in this world, I don’t want to paint it all shiny and nice, but see it with your own eyes it is worth it.

In love to this world and its wonders, take your time to see and feel it if you can. No matter if you are at home or out there, follow your instincts.

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