travel mantra

This is the place where I arrive.
I am here right now – with all my heart, my thoughts, my whole existence.
This is the place I have chosen – this place has also chosen me.
Everything I need I brought with me. My past, my present and my future.

I am surrounded by love and a friendly word, protected with everything I am.
This is my home.

I am in total peace – protected from everything and everyone who is not in peace with me. There is no fear in me, I am awake and thoughtful with everything around me. My whole existence is gathered inside me very close, like a warm and soft cloud – I am home.

I open my heart and my creation for new experiences and inspiration. I am with this place, it‘s people and all beings. I offer them my respect and love. They will find a friend within me. I send my love and happiness.

Thank you for this experience.
Thank you for this place.
Thank you for the love of its people.
Thank you for this home within me.


2 Replies

  1. sehr schön!! und mit diesen gedanken kann ja gar nichts schiefgehen! (wegen der höhenkrankheit…. wir hatten ja noch in wien drüber geredet, daß es passieren könnte, also gilts nicht!)
    hoffe es geht euch beiden gut, dickes bussi aus wien!! doris (meine kleine nichte hat beschlossen, mich daja zu nennen! toller name, gell :) )

  2. Stimmt! Und ich muss sagen, bisher hat das Mantra uns wirklich gut getragen auf unserem Weg. :)

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